The Melmak Bone Growth Stimulator is a portable ultrasound machine that stimulates the bones natural healing process. LIPUS is a non-invasive ultrasound technology that is worn directly against the skin, which sends ultrasound pulses through the tissue to stimulate the bone to heal. This process activates cell reproduction at the fracture site.


The low intensity pulsed ultrasound signal delivers an acoustic pressure wave to the fracture site. This represents a mechanical force, which aims to improve circulation and help with forming new bone. By using the bone growth stimulator you may heal faster and return to your normal daily activities sooner.

How it works:

The device is a convenient, 20 minute per day, home-based treatment which improves the speed of healing fresh fractures and non-unions.

Risk Factors:

Risk factors that may delay and or complicate the natural healing process of the fracture include: Diabetes, smoking, Osteoporosis, Advanced Age and Obesity.

Indications and Intended Uses:

The Melmak Device is indicated for the treatment of fresh bone-fractures and established non-unions excluding treatment of the skull and the vertebral column.


Is it safe?

Yes, the Melmak Bone Growth Stimulator is a non-invasive treatment that does not hurt or cause any harm to the body. Most patients do not feel any sensation on the skin, while a few might experience a light tingly sensation.

Can everyone use the device?

The device is not advised for individuals who have pacemakers, please consult with your doctor or cardiologist first. This device should only be used as prescribed by your health professional.

Is it covered by insurance?

The bone growth stimulator is covered by most private insurance companies. Part of our service we offer is to handle all the insurance claims from checking on your coverage, submitting estimate and direct billing when applicable. We also handle claims with third party insurance companies such as MVA insurance and WSIB.

Can I do multiple treatments a day?

Clinical studies have proven that one single 20 minute treatment per day is effective in healing the fracture site. Multiple treatments have shown no additional benefit.

What if I have a cast?

You can still use the bone growth stimulator if you have a cast over the fracture site. A window can be cut out of the cast to enable the device to be placed on the fracture site.

When should I start treatment?

Treatment can be started at any point after a fracture. LIPUS is an effective treatment for acute and non union fractures.

Can you use the device over clothing?

No, the device must be in contact with the skin that surrounds the fracture site.

What is considered a non-union fracture?

Approximately 10% of fractures will develop into a delayed or non-Union fracture.  When a broken bone fails to heal its call a “non-union.” Typically a fracture will be considered non –union or delayed at the 6-8 week mark from the initial fracture date or if the physician is not satisfied with the amount of healing that's occurred over a period of time.